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I’m a freelance web developer based in Brussels. As an economist-turned-dancer, my background is an eclectic mix of influences and ideas tied together by a simple fact: I’m a bit of a nerd.

Building things for the web is my way of fulfilling the internet’s promise of independence and decentralization. Like many, I picked up coding using the wealth of knowledge shared on blogs and open-source platforms. That’s the web at its best; a web in the hands of people, not corporate monoliths. I like the internet simple, accessible, and lean.

It’s not all computer screens, though; I relate to the body as well. As a dancer, I’ve toured extensively across Europe and, occasionally, other parts of the world. Much of my dance work revolves around the intricate interplay between music and dance. I’m passionate about the rich beauty of well-crafted movement.

Essentially, I appreciate creative freedom and rigorous thinking in equal measure. Currently a student in mathematics, I enjoy bathing—and sometimes drowning—in abstraction. It’s like I said: I’m a bit of a nerd.